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Step into the eerie World of PumpKins (WOP), a mystical realm where Halloween magic thrives! Crafted by the visionary artist and illustrator TuulHuur, this NFT collection embodies the spirit of the season. Prepare to be bewitched by 8888 whimsical, meme-driven, and downright spooktacular items, all bound by the ERC-721 token standard.

Each NFT is totally one-of-a-kind. Some artworks mix hand-drawn elements, while others are straight-up exclusive NFTs, each made from scratch with loads of care. Every character? They're like little snapshots of big moments in history or inspired by some seriously famous folks.

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The wop universe

Pumpkin in zombies hand

8888 Meme-driven, Spooktacular NFTs

Freemint on Magic Eden Launchpad

Initial token supply to be distributed equally (1NFT per Wallet)

HODL MY $PUMP! Special Halloween $PUMP meme token drop

Powered by Native Assurance Protocol (NAP)


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  • World of Pumpkins collection freemint;
  • Listing on Magic Eden.


  • 25% of $PUMP goes into NFT assurance on NAP;
  • 25% of the token goes into the initial liquidity pool;
  • 50% of the total $PUMP supply* is dropped to NFT holders.
*420,690,000,000,000,000 Total Supply

Mint On Magic Eden Launchpad

We want the best for the Pumpkins community, which is why we chose Magic Eden to launch our collection.

Freemint Date: TBA