Welcome to the world of pumpkins

Intro To The World Of Pumpkins

The World of PumpKins (WOP) is a new sensational universe of animated pumpkins, built based on the author's ideas of our creative artist TuulHuur.

We strive to create a popular interactive universe where users will get involved in the project development and get the maximum benefits and pleasure from participation.

You’ll be witnessing the process of producing some of our characters within the community, and it’s you who’ll be able to influence the details of the NFT collection and even more!

The wop universe

Pumpkin in zombies hand
  • An NFT collection
    with a private club
  • Interactive mini-games
  • An integrated Web3 ecosystem
  • An active, friendly community

Join Our Exclusive Community

We’re open to interacting and staying in touch with the participants, and we also offer you a unique opportunity to influence the development of our project. All this becomes possible when you join our online community.

Follow our social networks and plunge into an exciting space for communication and rallying around the World of PumpKins universe. You’ll be the first to learn about the project news, monitor its changes, and most importantly, participate in the life of the community and contribute to the development and growth of the universe!

The Iconic World

of Pumpkins NFT Collection

Pumpkin NFT

The Iconic World

of Pumpkins NFT Collection

Our core project component, the pumpkins NFT collection, consists of 8888 unique items created by TuulHuur. The underlying technology is the ERC-721 token standard.

Each NFT is completely authentic. Some arts are generated based on various hand-drawn elements. Another part of the items is absolutely exclusive NFTs, drawn as a single art from scratch. Each character reflects some significant events in human history or is the prototype of some famous person.

By joining our private community, you get a chance to make your contribution to the character's creation. We’d love to inspire our collection with your ideas!

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Become an owner

of an exclusive PumpKins NFT

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Not to mention that each NFT is a unique work of art
that is a pleasure to own, we do also provide great benefits
and vast opportunities for interacting with our universe to all token holders

  • Opportunity to participate

    in special events with
    custom prizes and merch

  • Privileged drop access through future

    WOP universe projects and various

  • Invitation to the private club
    of the WOP NFT holders

  • Access to closed tests
    of applications and games

  • Many other surprises!

frequently asked questions

  • You can purchase your exclusive PumpKins NFT during a public sale right on our website, on the "Mint" section (this section is coming soon). The price will be 0.02 ETH + a gas fee. Users who join our whitelist will receive their PumpKin NFTs for 0.01 ETH + a gas fee.
  • Yes, we'll launch a whitelist.
  • We will select the winners randomly and notify them via Premint and Superful.
  • Every whitelist winner is allowed to mint once per wallet. The number of mints isn't limited during the public sale.
  • We'll distribute 8800 PumpKins NFTs during the public sale and among the whitelist winners.
    We'll keep 88 NFTs to encourage our team and active participants, and to organize the events, sweepstakes, and gifts.

Join us

Enjoy the authentic,
atmosphere of this brave
new pumpkin world
and get the killer
benefits of active participation!

WL sale has started on October, 28

Public sale has started on October, 29

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